True Discipleship

When Jesus was about to ascend to Heaven, what had He commanded his followers to do? Simply to make disciples.  How were they to do that? How does one “make” a disciple of Jesus? Again the answer in His own words is quite simple - teach all new disciples do ALL that He had commanded his 12 to do. 

Ok – what are the commands of Jesus? There are actually over 165 commands of Jesus in the Gospels. That being true, my 3 main questions are these (which I asked myself repeatedly): 

1] How many of Jesus’ commands do I know? 

2] How many do I keep? 

3] How many am I teaching anyone else who desires to follow Jesus? 

Every believer in Jesus, every true disciple, should know, keep, and teach all of the commands of Jesus. That was not His suggestion. That was His final command before ascending. Wouldn’t you agree that He saved the most important and potent command for last? That being said, I believe the most important of His commands are: 

  • Abide in Him. 

  • Abide in His word. 

  • Keep His commandments. 

  • Love each other. 

Obviously your list may be different than mine – but our responsibility is the same – keep them all. And be have to keep them with a heart of love for the Lord and for the people in our path. One of Jesus commands was that if you love Him you WILL keep His commandments. 

Doing God’s will out a sense of duty is not the desire of God’s heart. Wanting to do the commands of Jesus because we are so in love with Him and so want to honor His total sacrifice must be our primary motivation.

So, I urge you to ask yourself those same 3 questions I continually ask myself. Study the gospels and write down every command you can find that Jesus gave his followers. Ask the Lord to help you make them all a part of your life. And find someone who wants to follow Jesus how to do the same. And yes, I’m pointing that same finger at myself.

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