The D.E.A.R Recipe

It’s my opinion that what is touted as discipling in America is not what our Lord Jesus stated it was to be. We spend lots of time and money preparing workbooks and courses and Sunday school classes, but miss the model He displayed for us. 

When Jesus called the 12 and the 70 there was not list of books and courses – not that those are bad, I’ve certainly written and used them and still will. But what Jesus did was much more than course work. Jesus lived the life of a disciple WITH the disciples. He took the disciples with Him as He journeyed across the land – His actions speaking as loud as His words.

First, He demonstrated, with miracles of compassion as He healed the sick and performed miracles by the thousands in front of them. 

Second, he educated them from the Torah and in parables. His use of daily life examples the disciples could relate to – such as sowing seeds or fishing, was masterful. 

Third, He activated them by sending them out on their own to go before Him where He told them He would be going – to “by faith” do what He had taught them as if He was with them – preach the gospel, perform miracles, cast out demons, raise the dead, and heal the sick. 

And Fourth, He replicated Himself in the most profound way – He left them, but experienced and filled with the Holy Spirit, to begin the church that would change the entire world.  His command - “preach the gospel and make disciples by teaching new believers to do ALL I’ve commanded you to do.” 

My point here is about following (as disciples are supposed to do) Jesus amazingly simple example of - Demonstrate, Educate, ActivateReplicate (what I call the D.E.A.R. recipe for “making” disciples). So simple. We take folks with us as we do all that Jesus did an greater. As we love people. As live in His supernatural power and grace. Let’s do a lot more of that. 

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