Before You Join

Membership is for individuals, specifically for pastoral/staff leaders of churches, para-church ministers, itinerate ministers and marketplace ministers who share the common commitment to:

  • Passionate, whole-hearted pursuit of God
  • Mutually encouraging and authentic relationships
  • Shaping a culture that will sustain renewal and revival that will last for generations
  • Sharing resources


  • Application
  • $100 Individual Membership Donation, renewed annually
  • CRN Membership
  • Access to Membership portal on CRN website
  • Access to CRN Membership Directory
  • Access to CRN Resources Directory
  • Access to CRN Resources Library
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  • Monthly connect from CRN
  • Personal invites to CRN events
    • Supernatural Life Conference
    • Firestorm Conference
    • Global Celebration Conferences, Events and Missions
    • CRN Luncheons, Dinners, Meet & Greets
    • CRN Annual Retreat
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